A condenser microphone ready to record vocals

Microphone Techniques For Vocals

There are many different types of microphones as well as techniques used by studio engineers to get varied vocal styles to sound excellent. Basically, the microphone techniques for vocals will determine the resulting sounds. Singers and vocalists use a variety of mic techniques to achieve various results, whether they are rapping, singing ad-lib or beat boxing. A pop filter is sometimes used for an even more dynamic effect. Before anything else, knowing the different mic types is the first step to achieving great microphone techniques for vocals.

A computer recording music samples in Tulsa

Using a Music Studio For Samples

Ever thought of using a music studio for samples? Our music studio is available for you no matter where you are located in the world. All you need to do is to check to see what sounds are available and which ones you want to include into your own creation. Even if you have a specific request for a sound or note from an instrument or something we can provide mobile, Groovus Maximus Project in Tulsa can be of service. There are no limits to creativity and just about every sound you can think of is available for you to use. This is great for bands and solo artists as well as for stand-up comedians that want to add an interesting twist into their gigs. You can also get sounds to include in a storytelling video you made. You can include sounds for using in movies, plays, outdoor gigs, stand-up comedy and the Basically, the sky is the limit.