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Proven Music Production Strategies and Techniques to Improve Sound Quality

Because our Tulsa music studio is situated in such a way that we can truly limit excess outside sound, we’re sometimes asked by our musicians and artists how can they also improve sound quality. The main thing obviously is that outside noise, but there are tons of other factors.

In this post, you will learn some music production strategies and techniques that can help improve the quality of your sound. These techniques can be used by both professionals and amateurs to transform their mixes.

A condenser microphone ready to record vocals

Microphone Techniques For Vocals

There are many different types of microphones as well as techniques used by studio engineers to get varied vocal styles to sound excellent. Basically, the microphone techniques for vocals will determine the resulting sounds. Singers and vocalists use a variety of mic techniques to achieve various results, whether they are rapping, singing ad-lib or beat boxing. A pop filter is sometimes used for an even more dynamic effect. Before anything else, knowing the different mic types is the first step to achieving great microphone techniques for vocals.