Mobile Recording In Oklahoma

In general, recording your own music is a very personal thing. Everyone does it a bit differently from the rest. In Oklahoma, you have even more options of mobile recording since there are new OK mobile recording services. Unlike a traditional recording studio, mobile recording in Oklahoma often requires equipment and instruments made specifically to be recorded on the go. Bands, solo acts and even live stand-up comedy can really bring a unique, original element to their music with mobile recording. Here are some of these benefits:

The Benefits of Mobile Recording for Bands

When a band records music on their own, there is total control over the results. However, a professional mobile recording studio gives groups and bands a great advantage of being able to take charge of every millisecond of your song, while keeping the passion and feeling of the original mix in tact. Unlike involving an entire studio in the recording process, mobile recording is much more private. It definitely makes life a lot easier, particularly for artists that have strong opinions and strong ideas about exactly how a song should sound. When you record your songs on the Groovus Maximus Project mobile equipment, you will be able to work on your own methodology, your own pace with no conflicting opinions. Essentially, you will have total control over your song. Mobile recording will really eliminate the hassle of involving too many cooks stirring the soup, so to speak. In other words, your song really becomes your own in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible. Take advantage of the equipment and instruments we provide you at our Tulsa, OK studio that is made specifically just for mobile phone recording.

A band recording music outside

The Benefits of Mobile Recording for Live Stand Up Comedy

There is nothing quite as hilarious as live stand-up comedy. Imagine how much more dynamic an act becomes when there is background noise such as canned laughter or a drum roll. The stories you tell your audience become much more alive when you have background noise recorded and ready to play on your mobile device. This enables you to stand apart from the crowd and gives you an edge, as your act will be much more memorable when you add in sound effects. The best part is that no one has yet heard of mobile recording to this degree so your act really is going to be ahead of the rest.

The Benefits of Mobile Recording for Personal Use

One benefit you can get from mobile recording is that you can record your own sounds and ambiance. For example, you can record the sound of traffic or the sound of a thunderstorm. Then, instead of the usual status updates that you post on your social networks, you have the option of posting about your day in terms of how it sounded, this time. Mobile sound recording really is quite revolutionary because of the specific microphones used to capture the right sound, while cancelling out unwanted sounds. You can even tell the story of what happened throughout your day through the sound you recorded. This way, aside from being able to use only words and pictures, you now have sound to add to the mix. This is also a great way to do note-keeping, journaling, songwriting, making lists or simply recording a great song you hear while waiting at the dentist’s office and looking up the title later on.

So if you’re ready for the most dynamic studio in Tulsa to come to you, check out our online rates and booking and let’s get started!

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