Using a Music Studio For Samples


A microphone set to record vocals in Tulsa Oklahoma


Ever thought of using a music studio for samples? Our music studio is available for you no matter where you are located in the world. All you need to do is to check to see what sounds are available and which ones you want to include into your own creation. Even if you have a specific request for a sound or note from an instrument or something we can provide mobile, Groovus Maximus Project in Tulsa can be of service. There are no limits to creativity and just about every sound sample you can think of is available for you to use. This is great for bands and solo artists as well as for stand-up comedians that want to add an interesting twist into their gigs. You can also get samples and sounds to include in a storytelling video you made. Why not include sounds for using in movies, plays, outdoor gigs or stand-up comedy because basically, the sky is the limit.

Creative Sounds

The audio effects available are enhanced, artificially created sounds that can emphasize media, music, video games, animation and live performances. They can also be used for TV shows and film content. Sound effects change the game when it comes to producing media. Whether you are telling a story or trying to make a creative point using a dialogue, adding music or a few sound effects will emphasize all the important parts. Flanging or reverberating sounds can be used in the background of your performance as effective sound effects.

For Use in Video and Film

Design sound effects are sounds that hard to record naturally. These sounds can be used for science fiction films and futuristic technology. Ever heard of Foley sounds? These can be hand prop movements, think about the sound of the rustling of cloth or teacups and saucers tapping against each other. Background sound effects can also come in very handy in some mixes and can include forest sounds, the fluorescent light buzzing and car interiors. You can even consider using sounds of weapons being fired, door alarms and hard sound effects that appear on the screen.

Freelance Sound

Ever heard of freelance sounds for songs? No matter where you are in the world, you can now purchase sound samples to include into your mix. There is no longer a need to hire sound engineers to try and create the sound for you. Gone are the days when music production cost a lot. We have put together a service that provides you with sound samples of just about every sound you can think of to include into your own song, or to use to modify another artist’s song. The first thing to do when you plan to include new sounds into your project is to do an analysis of what kind of sounds you want to include. Next, check to see which ones appeal to you the most.


High-Quality Audio Samples


Our music studio specializes in high-quality audio samples available for sale or on demand. We provide voice samples, musical instrument samples and sound samples that can be used in the song of another artist. Whether you need a lot of different sound effects or sounds that follow one theme, such as all outdoor sounds, we can provide what you need. The best part is that you can use this service from the comfort of your own home, no matter where in the world that is.